10 Festival Season Essentials

Ah, festival season. Between assembling an OMG-worthy outfit and plotting out the perfect food truck crawl, you often forget to pack the essentials. But, not this year. Whether you are driving in for the day, camping or staying at a nearby hotel, we rounded up 10 Festival Season Essentials that will help you take on whatever comes your way from noon to midnight.

1. Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash

Between long bathroom lines and having to walk for a while to reach the nearest sink, keeping clean at festivals is no easy feat. Skip the wait with this rinse-free hand wash.

2. Speakeasy Briefs

Festivals and alcohol go hand in hand, but spending all your moolah on watered-down beer isn’t worth the splurge. So, spare your wallet the panic attack and hide your booze in the last place anyone would ever look. This out-of-the-box undergarment comes with a secret stash pocket that will help you sneak anything in, from vodka-filled flasks to spiked Capri Sun pouches.

3. Booze Tubes

Sure, boxers with stash pockets may work for guys. But, what about the ladies? Well, girls, meet tampon flasks. Looking exactly like the OG, these borderline genius accessories allow you to smuggle your favorite drinks at Coachella for an emergency shot on the spot.

4. Foldies Aviator Sunglasses

No festival-inspired look is complete without a pair of cool shades. And since aviators go with everything, they can’t be missing from your packing list. Plus, the dark lenses will protect your eyes from sun’s harmful rays.

5. Glow Stick Bracelets

From listening to your favorite band live to lighting things up Coachella-style, festival season is the perfect excuse to wave those glow sticks around like there’s no tomorrow. Ready to get your glow on?

6. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen between shows may seem like a nuisance. But, adding an extra layer of protection between your skin and those harmful rays is a must when you are exposed to sunlight from dawn till dusk.

7. Foam Earplugs

Truth is you can’t have all the loud music buzzing next to your ears and not suffer the consequences. Avoid potential damage to your ears with these¬†festive-looking earplugs. You can enjoy your favorite bands and not suffer hearing loss, so it’s a win-win.

8. Doc Martens

Whether you want to channel your inner rock goddess or go for an #OOTD vibe, ankle boots are a statement accessory. This footwear pulls double duty as it keeps you comfy while making you look hot AF. Plus, it’ll protect your feet from mud or anything else that’s on festival grounds.

9. Lumee Light Up Case

A picture is worth a thousand words. But, when a photo is not up to par (see: blurry or with poor lighting), it’s better left untaken. To avoid all that, dress your tech with this high-quality light up case, and take the most epic Coachella selfies your friends have ever seen.

10. Hydration Pack

Somewhere between rising temps, crowded parties and drinking the heck out of your flask, festival life could leave you high and dry. But, since carrying a water bottle around is not practical and so 2017, this wow-worthy hydration backpack could do the trick with half the effort. So cool (literally)!

Have you started packing up for festival season just yet? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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