5 Card Games for Adults

The weekend is finally here. Time to sip on wine and scarf down as much popcorn (or pizza) as possible. But, while crashing on a friend’s couch sounds relaxing AF, there is a better way to unwind after a week of soul-sucking meetings and stressful deadlines.

Thanks to their 90s vibes which bring back an awful lot of memories, card games are making a huge comeback, and we can’t say we hate it. On the contrary, we’re hooked as they can turn an otherwise average night into a blast.

So, if you are looking for ways to break free of the classics (we’re looking at you, Monopoly!) and give your game closet the millennial-worthy upgrade it deserves, here are 5 Card Games for Adults that will have your friends LOLing all night long.

1. Cards Against Humanity

Often referred to as the best card game of our era, Cards Against Humanity is a must-have for anyone with a big buddy list and a knack for sarcasm. This card game makes excellent use of your rebellious and often dirty-minded side.

According to the rules, “the person who most recently pooped” is designated as the Card Czar and draws one black card. This card has a sentence printed on it, but the thing is that it misses some key elements.

At this point, the remaining players draw ten white cards each. Then, they read them carefully and pick one that matches the black card’s meaning the most. Lastly, the Czar chooses his/her favorite combo and the winner receives one “Awesome Point.”

2. What Do You Meme?

If memes are your primary means of communication these days, then this card game should be in your closet. As the name implies, What Do You Meme? pays homage to everyone’s latest social media obsession in the funniest and most adult-like way possible. So, if your dank memes melt steel beams, here’s what you should expect during a typical round.

The game begins by designating one player as the judge. Note, though, that this “position” is only temporary as the title is passed down to a different player at the beginning of each round. The judge draws a photo card and shares it with the rest of the players. Then, they pick one caption card each in an attempt to create the funniest meme around. Once this step is complete, the judge decides which meme really hit the spot and deserves the winning point.

3. Exploding Kittens

After an explosive run on Kickstarter, this out-of-the-box card game has become a game night staple. And why shouldn’t it? Combining kittens’ undeniable cuteness with the excitement that comes after playing a round of Russian roulette, this game brings something unique to the table, keeping you and your friends on your toes every time you deal those cards.

So, the setup is pretty simple. You just shuffle the cards, put the deck face down in the center of the table and take turns drawing a card. The catch? There are multiple exploding kitten cards hidden in that pile, waiting to “kill” you and eliminate you from the game.

Of course, there is a way to dodge them, and that’s with the help of defusing cards. From distracting them with laser beams to weighing them down with delicious snacks, these cards keep the kitties busy, and you live to see another round. But, don’t let the game’s kitten-fueled nature fool you. The NSFW edition can be all types of risqué, making even the naughtiest of players blush. So, are you up for the challenge?

4. Catan

Awarded “Game of the Year” and even “Game of the Century” honors in many countries (including Germany and the U.S.), Catan is a well-thought-out strategy game that will definitely bring out the hustler in you. Thanks to its unique board pattern which consists of 19 different hexagonal terrain tiles, no two games are ever the same.

In this game, the goal is to build the largest and most advanced settlement on the island of Catan before your friends do. To achieve that, you need to utilize a variety of resources available, from lucky dice throws and shrewd trades to cunning tactics. That basically means that you need to undermine the success of your co-players, no matter what.

5. Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

If you are ready to put your friendship to the test, then this card game for adults is a no-brainer. Featuring 250 prompt cards, Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid forces you to call out the one person in the group who is most likely to do the silly/awkward thing that’s printed on the card, whether that’s laughing at a funeral or binge-watching an entire series on Netflix after just having finished it.

So, here’s how the game is played. First, you and your friends decide who will be the judge. Then, he/she picks a card and reads it out loud. The remaining players suggest who should be tagged with this card and why. You can justify your answer using past stories and even personality traits that no one can deny.

Then, the judge decides whether the accusations are valid and if not, which player actually deserves the card. The first player to collect seven cards loses. So, you see, this game is not about winning, it’s more about not losing. Do you have what it takes?

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