5 Things All Coffee Lovers Want

Caffeine lovers, rejoice! We know you’ll want these products to help you stay caffeinated.

1) Espresso On The Go!

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker

This Espresso Maker is built for travel.  From the world traveler to the working caffeine lover, this gadget will travel with you everywhere.  It represents the future of the espresso culture. A coffee experience that knows no boundaries.

 2) For The Cold Brew Lovers

Dash Cold Brew Machine

A true cold brew lover knows it’s not a quick process to get the perfect brew made at home.  Conventional cold brew coffee takes 12-24 hours to brew but can take up to 72 hours. Who has time for that?  Thanks to this machine, the cold brew game has changed. With the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System, you’ll have plenty of cold brew to go around the meeting table within just 5 minutes!

3) For The Bob Ross Fan In All Of Us

Bob Ross Self-Painting Coffee Mug

How can you resist drinking your favorite beverage out of this transforming mug?  Fill it with hot coffee or tea and it will reveal a Bob Ross work of art.  Beauty is everywhere!

4) For The Sweet Tooth

Snow Globe Sugar House by Peleg Design

For those of you who take coffee with your sugar, we have the perfect thing for you.  This sugar bowl doubles as a decorative snow globe.  Impress your guests, friends and family with this one of a kind sugar snowglobe.

5) Keep Your Coffee Piping Hot

SmartShow i-Touch Plus Smart Insulation Cup

Have a problem keeping your coffee hot in the winter weather?  Forgot you made a cup and now it’s room temperature? Problem solved.  This i-Touch Plus Smart Insulation Cup can control drinking temperature between 95¨H and 212¨H  and can preserve heat for up to 12 hours.


We know you  this!

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