9 Super Bowl Essentials to Crush Your Hosting Duties

Football season is right upon us! So, we’ve got our jerseys pressed and ready to go – plus an awful lot of cheer to spread when we see those touchdowns being scored. However, if you want to turn this Super Bowl into a blast for you and your guests, you need to try a bit harder than that. So, bring in the props!

From a show-stopping football field tablecloth to a reliable cinema home projector that makes you feel as if you’re there, these 10 Super Bowl essentials will take your themed party to the next level. So, to quote our dear old Hank Williams Jr.: “Are you ready for some football?”

For the Set-Up

1. CineGo D-1000 Home Theater DLP Projector System

Watching the game on your flatscreen TV sounds great. But, watching it through the lens of a home cinema projector sounds phenomenal. Allowing you to view every player’s move wherever you wish, this CineGo projector is a must-have for your Super Bowl bash.

2. Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa has been part of our lives for quite some time now. So, it’d be a shame to exclude her from our football-loving party – especially with all the knowledge she carries. So, even long before the game’s kickoff, you can take advantage of her “insight” and ask for anything, from an XL Domino’s pizza delivered to your door to the game predictions so far. Alexa, do you agree?

For Serving

3. Snack Stadium

You can’t have a fun Super Bowl party without snacks, that’s a given. But, throwing a bunch of pigs in a blanket, chips, and guac on a platter isn’t exactly what we’d call a “success.” That’s where the football snack stadium steps in. This unique cardstock snack display forces you to think outside the box and turns your otherwise average buffet into a snack galore for days. Time to eat like champions, don’t you think?

For Prepping The Munchies

4. Elite Gourmet Slow Cooker

Let’s be honest; no one likes spending time over the stovetop when Super Bowl’s on. So, does that mean that there’s no chili or queso dip this year? Not by a long shot because the Elite Gourmet slow cooker has you covered. Cooking your meals to perfection, this cooking appliance does all the work for you and -more importantly- it’s safe to use. So, finally, you can keep all eyes on the game.

5. Wilton Football Pan

If you want everyone to talk about your Super Bowl party, then this football-shaped pan is a must. Shaping your dessert cake into the main attraction of the evening will take your hosting skills to the next level merely by making a lot of heads turn (the good way, of course). So, let the baking begin!\

For Decorating

6. TableTopit Football Field Tablecloth

Delicious snacks and a fancy drink dispenser are not the only ways to make your Super Bowl buffet stand out. This football-themed tablecloth can bring a new dimension to your guests’ snacking experience as it puts them in the mood for some actual on-field action. So, bring on the green!

7.  Studio M Shop Football Party Banners


Cardstock banners are one of the easiest ways to add some festive spirit to any event, and Super Bowl is no exception. However, if you are looking for something simple, that’s still cute and praise-worthy, then this banner is a no-brainer. Plus, you can have it painted in your team’s colors. That’d fun to have around, wouldn’t it?

For The Drinks

8. Tablecraft Galvanized Beverage Tub

The secret to every killer Super Bowl party? Beer. However, going back and forth to the fridge doesn’t sound like a dream come true. So, to spare yourself the trips that will probably cost you a bunch of aaalmost touchdown moments, fill this galvanized tub with lots of ice and beer bottles and have your guests help themselves to a cold one during and in between the quarters. Less work for you, more fun for them. Score!

9. World Market Glass Yorkshire Dispenser

Although beer is the most popular drink during Super Bowl festivities, some guests may not like its taste. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they have to spend the entire evening sipping on soda or water. To avoid that, make a batched cocktail and serve it in this fancy-looking glass Yorkshire dispenser. They’ll appreciate the gesture, for sure.


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