Coyote Vest

The CoyoteVest is designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off because the most important thing is that your dog is wearing it when it is needed. The CoyoteVest protects your dog’s neck with an array of 1″ spikes.

The removable spikes are mounted on a flexible collar that is reinforced with Kevlar®. The CoyoteVest protects your dog’s back with two rows of 1″ spikes that make it very difficult for a predator to lift your dog and run away with it. The spikes are made from chrome plated hard plastic.

The spikes are not razor sharp but they are sharp enough to hurt if you apply a lot of pressure and they play a key role in protecting your dog from predators and aggressive dogs.

However we do not recommend using the spikes when your dog is wrestling with other dogs or children because there is always a possibility someone could get accidentally poked. And if your dog likes to rub against your shiny new car it may get scratched.


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