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Have A Nice Day Coffee Mug

Have a nice day middle finger Coffee mug. Oh, you think I care about what you’re talking about? Let me take a drink from My mug and correct your erroneous thinking.

Unsuspecting ceramic mug will flip off everyone as you drink your morning Coffee. Holds 10 oz.

The have a nice day mug is a coffee mug with the words ‘Have A Nice Day’ on it and a middle finger on the bottom of the mug, so that when you take a sip of that sweet coffee you will let the world know that you certainly don’t hope that they have a nice day, and in fact, you hope their day goes not so well at all. A perfect gift for your boss, mother, or grandmother, the have a nice day mug will be a signal to those across the office that you are not welcome to have a piece of cake on your birthday. The have a nice day – middle finger coffee mug is made of ceramic and is black with white print.


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