Star Wars Rey Hooded Scarf

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens introduced fans to Rey, the mysterious Force-sensitive young scavenger eking out a life for herself on the backwater planet Jakku. Before she encountered BB-8 and got caught up in all that Resistance hullabaloo, Rey was on her own. She had to find ways to protect herself, from the harsh desert climate and from other scavengers. She had her quarterstaff, and a few well placed friends/employers who valued her skills. She also had one killer scarf, with a hood and goggles – necessary when your primary means of transport is a homemade speeder cruising through hot, dusty terrain.

So obviously we wanted our own hooded, be-goggled scarf because, you know, sometimes it’s windy out and stuff. When we couldn’t find one, we did something about it… by ordering the ThinkGeek exclusive Rey Hooded Scarf! Inspired by our new favorite soon-to-be-Jedi (don’t leave us hanging, Episode VIII!), this 100% acrylic knit double-loop infinity scarf has a built-in hood for full protection from the elements. Cream-colored to match Rey’s desert attire (“modern mummy”), the scarf also features a set of goggles buttoned to the hood. Sure, you can unbutton and detach them, but why would you? No scavenger worth their salt would turn down free goggles.


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